Out with the old. In with the new.

Perhaps, instead of setting ourselves generally achievable smaller goals; spend less, shop less, eat less, drink less (we could go on!), we should be brave and tackle the big things that really impact our happiness and how we spend our time. Forbes have summed this up very nicely for us here.

So, with 2017 already underway, it may be the right time to look at new possibilities. We have some really exciting new sales, business development and account management job opportunities within the eCommerce sector.

If you’ve got fantastic experience and are looking for a new and exciting role at a global retail powerhouse based in the heart of London, then please get in touch before these opportunities get snapped up!

And don’t forget our refer a friend scheme which can be found here. Even if you’re not looking you can benefit from knowing someone who might be.

Current Sales and Account Management Roles:

Launchpad Account Manager (London) (£34,000 plus competitive package)

Associate Partner Manager (London) (c£35,000 plus competitive package)

Associate Vendor Manager (London) (c£35,000 plus competitive package)

Partner Manager (London) (c£48,000 plus competitive package)

Account Manager  (London) (c£33,000 plus competitive package)

Enterprise Sales Manager (London) (c£45,000 plus competitive package)

Business Development Team Manager, Digital Advertising (London) (c£120,000 plus competitive package)

Alternatively please upload your CV here for other opportunities in 2017!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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