How Boring Got Sexy

If billion-dollar startups like Slack, Stripe, MailChimp, and other enterprise software and services companies prove one thing, it’s that a “sexy” company doesn’t have to focus on slick consumer products.

For the reasons above and below, technology sales roles are attracting a more diverse set of talent than ever before. A career once plagued by an unappealing salesperson stereotype, is starting to turn heads. Universities are building sales specialisations into their curriculum and the value of a sales job is skyrocketing. Did you know 20% of Fortune 500 CEOs started out in sales roles?

If you’re looking for a new opportunity, browse our open sales roles here to find your match and in the meantime check out some of the sexy companies solving boring business problems below…

1. Zendesk

With the subscription cloud service, co-founded by Denmark’s Mikkel Svane, you don’t have to have hundreds of employees to offer quality customer service. After a 2014 IPO, Zendesk boasts more than $200 million in annual sales.

2. Slack

The intra-office communication platform started by Stewart Butterfield is touted as the world’s fastest-growing startup, with a $3.8 billion valuation, $100 million in annual recurring revenue, and 1.25 million paid users, including giants like Comcast and IBM.

3. DocuSign

Tom Gonser started software company DocuSign so people can securely put their John Hancock on official documents without being present, from judges digitally signing warrants to tenants signing a lease on the go. The company valuation is north of $3 billion.

4. Okta

Founded by Todd McKinnon (left) and Frederic Kerrest in 2009, Okta offers a single, secure login for employees using enterprise apps across multiple devices. The $1 billion company boasts customers from Western Union to LinkedIn.

5. Twilio

The communications platformfounded by Jeff Lawson helps the likes of Uber and Airbnb add voice, video, and text features to apps. After its 2016 IPO, Twilio is worth a whopping $2.4 billion.

6. Square

It’s not as sexy as Twitter, the company Jack Dorsey co-founded in 2006, but his payment processing startup, which allows any individual to swipe credit cards, is undeniably powerful. The Square dongle is used by millions, from bike shops to food trucks.

7. Trello

The project collaboration software startup was spun out of Fog Creek as a side project and co-founded by Joel Spolsky (left) and Michael Pryor. In January, Trello was acquired for $425 million by fellow enterprise software company Atlassian.


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